Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center
Jenny & Luis
June 6, 2015
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June 6, 2015 was a beautiful warm summer day to get married.  You would have never thought that the heat was nearly in the 90's as Jenny remained calm, cool and collected in the bridal suite at The Cator Woolford Gardens .  Surrounded by her closest friends and family, she eagerly waited in anticipation in finally becoming Mrs. Ocampo. Completely adorned in her gown and shoes, the real beauty was in witnessing the expression of emotion that overcame Jenny as she looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she would be sharing the rest of her life with Luis, this was their wedding day.

I can't imagine any other bride wearing this wedding gown.  This silhouette was perfect for Jenny and she looked absolutely stunning in it.  

Jenny started planning a year in advance for their wedding at The Cator Woolford Gardens.  She thought of every detail, even down to her Benjamin Adams London heels in her wedding day color.

I was so happy to be able to work with Keeyahna with The Design Experience Weddings & Events  .She and her team are always on their A game to make sure the day runs smoothly


Luis was overcome as he was finally able to set his eyes on his beautiful bride.  Accompanied by her brother, Jenny's eyes swelled up with tears of joy as she approached.  I did everything I could in my power not to break down in tears myself when I saw the expression in Luis' eyes.

Such love these two have for one another.  As we all shared in the moments that followed on the lawn of The Cator Woolford Gardens , Luis and Jenny exchanged their vows and became one and their union was perfectly sealed with a kiss.
I love the look on Luis' face in this picture as he proudly escorts his lovely wife into the their future together.

This simple yet elegant wedding veil was just absolutely perfect.  Jenny was flawless!

I love it when groom's go with a lighter wedding attire.  

After many photographs with family and friends from near and far, it was nice to give Jenny & Luis a few moments together on the stairs of The Cator Woolford Gardens.

Hermosa............................ translation:   Beautiful.............................

There were many ways that family and closest friends contributed to making the day a beautiful one.  All the floral bouquets were created by Jenny & her friends.
These adorable bride & groom cookies were also handmade.

A sweets table is a great alternative for guests. Guests were able to treat themselves to a variety of candies and handmade deserts from the groom's mom.

 We were all thoroughly entertained by Luis and Jenny's mad dancing skills!  

Dancing to tunes supplied by BORaBORa DJ the couple hit the floor to a number or latin tunes that took me back to my Hispanic heritage.

The ballroom at The Cator Woolford Gardens  was awesome with it's high windows and natural light. As the night rolled in, the light show supplied by BORaBORa DJ provided a canopy of colored light.

Jenny & Luis thank you so much for allowing Ray and I to be a part of your day.  May God bless your marriage in the many years to come and may you be as happy then as you both were this day!  Much love!

Many thanks to the following team for bringing this wedding to life... 
Venue: The Cator Woolford Gardens 
Event Production and Design:  Keeyahna with The Design Experience Weddings & Events
Makeup: Nicole Tejera
Videography: Wesley John Morgan Videography 
Entertainment: BORaBORa DJ
Photography: Christina Juleson 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty is Red

Kennesaw Mountain Photo Session
May 20, 2013

I hung up the phone and spent a moment in silence as the tears flowed down my face.  Erica's story completely overwhelmed me.  I have captured many emotional and important moments over the years but this photo session was truly inspired by God's spirit.  I've created my own ideas in the past as to what creative point of view I wanted to use to accomplish my goal but this time short glimpses of images immediately started introducing themselves to my minds eye.  It's unlike anything I've every experienced before and it was a completely amazing gift that I feel I was given. 

Erica lost her best friend last August very suddenly. Many hard months have followed since she hasn't been able to have a conversation with her mom face to face or to be able to embrace her lovingly in her arms. These days, the words she shares, are spoken into the wind from her heart to heaven.

Erica's request was to have photographs taken in a red dress she had worn to a gala recently. Her mom's favorite color was red. Some time ago, her mom was photographed in a red dress which is now a cherished possession that Erica clings to.  This session was to honor the woman who nurtured her all of her life and a tribute to her best friend and best mom in the world.  She is greatly loved and missed.  I know that Momma was smiling with pride at the beauty of her daughter.

Erica, you are an absolutely beautiful lady, inside and out.

Friday, April 3, 2015