Friday, July 3, 2009

Slacking on the blog Big Time

Ok, so due to the massive amounts of projects I am currently working on the blog has suffered just a tad, ok not a tad, a lot. Over the last several weeks I have had a lot on my mind. Things have been changing. Long story short: (if you know me it's hard to keep it short), changes are awesome, I'm open to change, so I welcome change with open arms.

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Despite several weeks of agonizing on if we should set up a twitter account, I was finally on board with the idea when I found out that Ashton Kutcher was here in Georgia and was trying to beat out Ted Turner in the amount of "followers" that they had, and because of that lame little excuse, my star struck personality decided to follow the masses (though I fight to prevent from becoming a follower) and decided to follow Ashton, thus he was the first and the New York Times as I'm so fascinated about everything that is going on in foreign affairs these days.

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So here's a little sample of some of the photo's I've been working on over the last several weeks. They're all going to be posted in the coming weeks with full descriptions of all the awesome couples we photographed in May. But for right now I'm just playing catch up and trying to get this blog back on the ball and rolling once more!

So here's a sample of what is to come:

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