Monday, November 4, 2013

When a plea for help comes along, what do we do?

Friends and Family, I saw a very compelling story about a charter school that was started by 2 young women in their 20's in Detroit with no financial support from the city. This school is in the heart of poverty surrounded by some of the po...orest conditions in America.
I believe that our children are the greatest asset that this country has and it's VERY unfortunate that ANY child should have to stay at home, unschooled because their city has filed bankruptcy and can't afford a city funded public school. I believe that as a group we can make a change and make this school a success. Please, please, please take the time to look at the website and to read about what one woman has started due to her passion and love for children and their education.
My ultimate wish is that you would find it in your heart to start showing your support and pass this along so that other's can be inspired to do the same. Even if it comes to the sacrifice of a Starbucks latte or coffee once a week, $25 a month can make the difference on a child being able to have an education or not, is it not worth that? Just something to consider: How can we expect our country to get better if we abandon an entire city of children who will pave the future for the wellness of our country.
We can't continue to turn a blind eye. Let's work together to make a difference and to change the course of our future as a nation united in supporting the education of children in Detroit!

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