Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Man I LOVE

Today we celebrate the birth of the man and with whom I share my life.  Here are 5 traits that I admire the most about Ray:

1.   His great love of children. He's not only a wonderful father to our own kids but he loves and cares for children in general and can't bare the thought of children suffering in any way.

2.  He's a sweet freak and can smell sugar from a mile away.  This I'm CERTAIN is his super power and it's easy for me to just go along with it because I love chocolate however I'm sure he probably loves it more than I do.

3. Ray is considerate.  I've witnessed him put other's needs before his own exactly 6 times today when he could have made himself the priority at least this one day -his birthday. 

4. Ray is dedicated and loyal.  He's dedicated to our family, dedicated to me, dedicated to doing well at his job, he's the best friend that anyone would be lucky to have because if you ever need him for anything he'll find a way to help you out. I have a few best friends - but sorry guys he's the bestest of the best!

5. Ray has the most beautiful smile in my world.  Our kids tie for 2nd.  This is the main reason why I can't stay mad at him very long if he breaks it out on me, it's just impossible. His smile has a way of making me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Oh Lord I love this man!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting him on this planet! Happy birthday Ray Ray.

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  1. Thanks. We both made out pretty well in that union. You are pretty swell, too. I love you.