Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Facts!

Did you know:
1.  That if you cuddle before going to sleep, it helps to calm and relax the brain.  It stops you from over thinking so therefore you fall asleep a lot quicker. Using this one tonight!
2.  You can burn up to 200 calories watching horror flicks. - If they said 1000 I still wouldn't watch 99% of them.
3. Due to the extreme temperatures and pressures on Neptune and Uranus, studies have proven that it's raining diamonds on both planets. What are we doing waisting our time on Mars people!
4.  If you force yourself to smile you can cure a bad mood and feel better. Reverse psychology - a good way to have people loath you because they just can't figure out why you continue to smile back at them despite their efforts in ticking you off.
5.  Most hard shinny candies like Jelly Beans and Skittles are coated with crushed bugs - something to think about! 
Happy Monday Everyone!

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