Friday, July 19, 2013

The Nature of Desperation

This evening I learned that a photographer that I have been following for a little over 2 years has been accused of stealing other people's work.

Upon further research, by habit of falling into a black hole of  "fact checking",  I discovered an entire site that is dedicated to calling out all photographers who steal other people's work.

After viewing several photography websites, I finally came back to reality when I realized I had a  severe case of dry mouth due to my mouth being widely open in shock.  My mind was in repeat mode:  "Are people so desperate that they are willing to steal other people's work just to get a session?" - The answer: Yes.

I'm frustrated and disgusted for various reasons:

1.  Copying other people's work = WRONG. I'm sick just thinking that someone is so desperate to be a successful photographer that they have the gaul to blatantly copy other photographer's photographs or words. To this I say : "That's just not smart" or to be more to the point: "That's stupid".  You're not a true artist if you can't create and express your own view of the world on your own. People don't have to steal other people's images.  A suggestion = Ask to photograph someone for free, it's not hard to do and most people will be open to the opportunity.

2.  Blogging isn't easy.  To some it may seam that because I like to talk a lot (which I do on various occasions) that blogging would just come to me naturally. For the record, it doesn't.  I love writing, but trying to find ways to express my thoughts creatively, without boring people, is a hard thing to master and I'm not even so sure I'm at that point yet.  A suggestion = Practice, practice, practice.  I find the more I journal and blog the better I become.  It's exhausting trying to be witty, and I'll never be as witty as Jasmine Star but I must use the skills I have the best way I can and be satisfied.  Knowing that someone is copying and pasting someone else's words into their own blog = fake, unauthentic, a mirage.

3. I don't agree with "outsourcing" one's blog.  What's the point of having a blog if you're not the one writing it to begin with? I just don't get it, and this is why I'm confused.  My life has been an open book. I don't plan to run for political office, therefore I know that whatever I put out there is to be seen and read by everyone and I'm ok with that.  If I ever get to the point where I "don't have the time" or am "too busy", then you'll know it because I won't blog.  I can promise you all that every word expressed in this blog either right or wrong are my own.  I will NEVER assign anyone else to blog for me because it completely defeats the entire purpose, in my opinion.  A suggestion = If you're too busy or don't have the "time" then just put a one liner out there or don't blog at all. Be yourself, and express yourself by yourself!

So what is the real issue of why this has gotten so far under my skin tonight?

Answer:  There are plenty of people that are struggling right now to make their photography business successful.  I need to believe that through lots of hard work, dedication, passion and drive that our honesty in the way that we represent ourselves will pay off some day.  However, there's too many dishonest people out there, professing to be great photographers, that are cutting corners and getting the pay off now because they've booked sessions with clients under false pretense.  That's a frustrating reality knowing that this way of doing business doesn't just exist in Corporate America. It's now bled into the environment of business that I escaped Corporate America to join.

"The nature of desperation tells us that we should achieve success at any cost,  even if it requires sacrificing our integrity.  Doing it honestly, however, means having true peace with oneself ".  - Christina Juleson

I learned this very thing back over a year ago when I left corporate, and yes the quote is my own and not plagiarised!

The bottom line: If you're going to run a business, do it honestly and if you choose not to, then take responsibility for your actions and don't blame anyone else.

Happy Friday morning everyone! 

In the nature of helping a friend, I found this picture to be appropriate.  We all make mistakes, this one was a mistake made in public and recognized by many of us in the photography community. It's not beyound extending forgiveness and it's not hard to see that even the best of us all experience these things. 


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